About Pilchard

You probably came here because you’re wondering who or what a Pilchard is.

You’re in luck. You’ve come to the right place. This website is the home of musician, producer, and fish-like-man-thing, Pilchard.

It gets better. Now I’m going to tell you all you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask about the Pilchard fish beast.

What is a Pilchard?

A pilchard is a fish. It’s usually just a sardine (sardinops sagax) but don’t tell the folk of Cornwall this, they will get very upset. There are actually over 20 species of fish that take the name pilchard. In this case, though, the Pilchard in question is a man who is named after a cat. Bob the Builder’s cat, in fact.

Who is Pilchard?

Finally you’re asking the right question. Pilchard is what Lee Stacey usually calls himself when he makes music. Other names you might find him calling himself are King of Boscombe and Mista Blista (yes really).

Pilchard was born in West Sussex, way back in the 1970s. He started making music the day he was born. It sounded like crying but he knows it was music and that’s what mattered.

Joking aside, Pilchard started his foray into the world of music with a small Casio synthesiser when he was about seven years old. He pulled it to pieces and caused it to make noises it wasn’t meant to make. He found this interesting and has applied a similar logical process with everything he has made to date.

Where is Pilchard’s music?

Pilchard’s music is right here on this website. Yippee! Just go back to the homepage by clicking that link up there and you’ll find everything you need.

What about the oily fish?

What are you on about? Go and listen to some music.